Resilience Engineering


Resilience engineering is a complex, hierarchal and multi disciplinary, finding applications in a diverse spectrum of engineering and social science domains, in which the performance level is degraded due to aging or externals shocks but is proactively maintained to preserve nominal performance equivalent to the fully operational state in reliability modeling. For decades, a variety of resilience metrics to quantify the resilience of systems enables retrospective analysis to assess how well a system performed under stress and inform future design and operational decisions. Recently, we have been developing predictive models to project when the system will recover to a specified level of performance or what actions to take in order to reach a target level of performance quickly and cost effectively. To promote the application of predictive models, an open source tool is also being developed which intend to help researchers and organizations to project and compute system resilience by implementing different types of regression models that includes different activities that contributes positively and negatively to the system to predict its performance in future intervals. This tool will not require any coding knowledge or mathematical background, which facilitates the interpretation of system resilience, and comparison of different model fits.