Master’s Students

Thesis Students

Sushovan Bhadra

Email: sbhadra (at) UMassD (dot) edu

Thesis Title: TBD

Graduation Date: May, 2022 (projected)


 Julia Sorrentino

Email: jsorrentino (at) umassd (dot) edu

Thesis Title: TBD

Graduation Date: May, 2022 (projected)


Joshua Steakelum

Email: jsteakelum (at) umassd (dot) edu

Thesis Title: TBD

Graduation Date: May, 2022 (projected)


Priscila de Paula

Email: psilva4 (at) umassd (dot) edu

Thesis Title: TBD

Graduation Date: TBD


Jacob Aubertine

Email: jaubertine (at) umassd (dot) edu

Thesis Title: An Extensible Tool incorporating Covariate Software Reliability Models

Graduation Date: May, 2021


Anusha Krishna Murthy

Thesis Title: Reliability and Cost of Two Failure Mode Systems Subject to Correlated Failures and ECM Algorithms for Failure count NHPP Software Reliability Models

Graduation Date: December, 2016


Vidhyashree Nagaraju

Thesis Title: Algorithms for Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process (NHPP) Software Reliability Models and Software Rejuvenation considering Correlated Failures

Graduation Date: December, 2015


Veeresh Varad Basavara

Thesis Title: Algorithms for Transportation Network Vulnerability Assessment, Defense, and Restoration

Graduation Date: August, 2015


Bentolhoda Jafary

Thesis Title: Quantifying the Impact of Correlated Failures on Discrete and Continuous Component-based Systems

Graduation Date: August, 2015


Project Students


James Rodriguez

Project Title: Generalization Trade-off on Clustering Algorithm Improvement

Graduation Date: August, 2019

Andrew Mele

Project Title: Numerical and Simulation Methods for Component-based System Reliability considering Positive and Negatively Correlated Failures

Graduation Date: November, 2018

Shubham Chaturvedi

Project Title: An Open Source Tool for Rotorcraft Tradespace Exploration Considering Cost and Availability

Graduation Date: May, 2017

Akshay Pawar

Project Title: Vulnerability Analysis of Transportation Networks using Dynamic Simulation Technique

Graduation Date: May, 2017

Jayeshkumar Vijayaraghavalu

Project Title: Technologies to Prevent Violence against Students and Children

Graduation Date: January, 2017



Parth Bhatt

Project Title: Rotorcraft Tradespace Exploration

Graduation Date: January, 2017



Sameer Bharadwaj Kencham

Project Title: Extracting Network Models from Graphical Information System (GIS) Data

Graduation Date: December, 2016


Pratik Bhansali

Project Title: A Performance Analysis of Algorithms for the Pareto Software Reliability Growth Model

Graduation Date: December, 2016


Karthik Katipally

Project Title: Design and Test of an Open-source Software Reliability Tool

Graduation Date: August, 2016



Varun Kumar Reddy Garlapati

Project Title: Expectation Conditional Maximization (ECM) Algorithms for the Truncated Logistic and Truncated Extreme Value Minimum Software Reliability Growth Model

Graduation Date: May, 2016


Pragnya Srinivasan

Project Title: Computer and Information Science, Genetic Algorithm and Expectation Conditional Maximization for TEVMAX Software Reliability Growth Model

Graduation Date: May, 2016